New Hurricane Tree Removal and Clean Up Page


Just a quick note to  let everyone know that we put up a new Hurricane Tree Removal and Clean Up page.

Like it or not, hurricanes are a fact of life around the Charleston area. Our new Hurricane Tree Removal and Clean Up page is just to let you know that we stand ready to assist and that we have a great amount of experience working in the aftermath of hurricanes.

Attention to your trees that suffer damage from strong winds or hurricanes:

1. Do not give up on them or write them off. Trees can sustain significant damage and still live. Proper trimming may be the answer to save a portion of the tree.

2. Save what you have.  Proper care after damage may limit further damage.

3. Preparation. Maintenance of your trees does two things. 

  a. It makes your trees look good.

  b. It helps ensure the trees will have strong and safe structures as they grow. Consider a regular visit from a certified arborist, much like your annual termite inspection. Unfortunately most people tend to let trees mature without planned maintenance. The damage sustained by our next hurricane can be limited to a large degree with proper tree maintenance. A quick free inspection by your arborist will give you ideas on how to proceed. Call today.

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